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Go Boldly Forward in Challenging Times!

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Times are Challenging!
Many of us feel the impact of cuts and the increased cost of living. The air of pessimism that is sweeping the world affects each and every one of us on the local level of our everyday reality. I know that you were all fired up from your last coaching session, but it might be that the intensity of work and life is inhibiting you from making advancement in the exact way you would like!
The good news is that if you’re feeling a little lacklustre, you can read past blogs posted on this Coaching Portal until your next session. This will help to keep you energised and motivated in the direction of your vision. Please do this, as the blogs help to keep you sharpened and alert to the things you can do to remain feeling empowered and energised to work through any challenges you face in between coaching sessions.
Now more than ever, it is important for us to develop strategies that strengthen our ability to act with confidence in all that we do.