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How to Be Driven to Live Your Vision

Your personal vision can seem to be ‘way out there’. It may seem like a dream or imagination that entices and excites you, arouses and allures you – like a lover who you yearn to be with. Then, just as it comes within your grasp, your vision flits out of view, seeming impossible to capture, as it continues to tantalise you with a taster of just how sweet it would be to live and experience it.
vi·sion: [vizh-uhn] the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be; a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation.
What's important to know, is that your vision wants only you. It seeks to absorb itself into every aspect of your being, so that it can become truly alive! How do you know? Because your vision never leaves you. It periodically re-presents itself in a similar form or fashion throughout your life.

If this metaphor resonates with you, the question to ask yourself right now is this:  
“How much do I want to give life to my vision - where …