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Love Letter

I am in love with you, In love with who you are, And now that you have entered my life, I will nurture you forever. I travelled through hill and gully Reaching highs and depths to find The Soul, The Mate, The person who would compliment all that I am. Exhilarated in lofty mountains In despair in deep valleys, Travelling through hill and gully, Trying to find you in your haven of peace. For too long you escaped and evaded me, Moving quickly out of view, You seemed not to want me to find you, Shrinking back when I almost caught you. You seemed so pained and tortured, Misunderstood, rejected and scorned. You seemed in fear of being captured, Because you were bruised by memories untold. I understood I had to be patient, And recognise that the passing of time, Would heal the inner core, So that you could eventually be mine. With the budding of your spirit The light of love streamed in, And there you were before me, My Soul, My Mate, My Twin. I am in love with you, The Sister, the Mother, the Matriarch, The Foundation and…

How not to settle for less in your life!

Who you are begins with What you do!

What's the Story of Your Life?