How to Be Driven to Live Your Vision

Your personal vision can seem to be ‘way out there’. It may seem like a dream or imagination that entices and excites you, arouses and allures you – like a lover who you yearn to be with. Then, just as it comes within your grasp, your vision flits out of view, seeming impossible to capture, as it continues to tantalise you with a taster of just how sweet it would be to live and experience it.

vi·sion: [vizh-uhn] the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be; a vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation.
What's important to know, is that your vision wants only you. It seeks to absorb itself into every aspect of your being, so that it can become truly alive! How do you know? Because your vision never leaves you. It periodically re-presents itself in a similar form or fashion throughout your life.

If this metaphor resonates with you, the question to ask yourself right now is this:  

“How much do I want to give life to my vision - where 1 is not much and 10 is absolutely!?”

Despite the challenges of running a successful Life Coaching business, today I am currently living two of my imagined visions.  And it gets even better! Next week, I will have fulfilled a 2-in-1 goal set in August 2012 which at that time seemed wildly improbable. In just under one week from now, I will be delivering a presentation to an audience of approximately 300 participants at the Motivated to Xcel Conference in Accra, Ghana.

I am indeed excited! Especially as 7 months ago, I stepped away from my business to take up the 'security' and 'relative stability' that comes with being employed by someone else. There were gains within this time, for I connected with those who I needed to. Yet I felt an overwhelming sensation of a gaping hole in the imagery of my vision.

I learned that being a life coach and a business owner, requires not only the acquisition of new skills, but the development of things that are not seen. Specifically, inner knowing, trusting intuition, having discernment in when to say yes or no, finding work-life balance and devoting time to revitalise energy. A further key component to my success is the one hour of personal, confidential and non-judgemental 'self-focussed' time that I invest with my own life coach. Applying these strategies are key in my ability to bring to life the seed thoughts of a vision that I have nurtured to become a living reality.

Now, being back at the helm and experiencing renewed success in the living of my vision, I have taken time to reflect on principles that help me to remain on track with my life purpose. Crucially, had I not decided to commit, it is unlikely that I would be venturing to Ghana at this tiime and for the specific purpose. In honouring my values, I have set in motion an exciting life path that adds to the rich experiences of my co-created reality.

Here are 5 approaches that have influenced me along the way:

1. Graduate as a Change Master!: Adapting to change is a critical life skill. Delivering the highly popular course, ‘How to Master Change in Challenging Times’, has amplified my self-awareness of strategies for creative self-management of situations that could easily be interpreted as disastrous.  Don’t take my word for how brilliant this course is - read a review from the writer Selina Harrison.

2. Take Counsel from the Wise and Be Wise in whom you Take Counsel: Your vision is just that. YOURS! Formulate your plan and strategy then prepare to see it through. Be like the mariner on the rough seas who raises his head high above the parapet to steer his ship in the direction of safe land, when all others seek shelter down below in the galley. In the panic and stress of a situation, others may influence your direction, yet do so from a state of their own heightened anxiety or ignorance of seeing things from your positioning – which is as the captain of your own ship. Analyse information you receive, yet, make your own decisions. Others will have no regret over the abandonment of your vision. Will you?

3. Connect with your Chi (Life Force):  I once interviewed the respected and renowned midwife Elsie Gayle who spoke about the magnificence of the life force. In the busyness of life, it is easy to take for granted that we are blessed with yet another 24 hours of existence.To wake up each day, to the gift of life is indeed miraculous! But for a fraction of a second, if the egg was not in the right place to be penetrated by the sperm, if a split second caused a freak accident that ended your life, if some aspect of your physical body or mind was not as functional as it is now, your life would be, oh so very different. You would be on a markedly different path – if on one at all. …So that can mean only one thing. Right now, you are on this path for a reason. This is a big question, so take time to answer it:

How purposefully am I using my life currency?

Connect with your life force. Each day, apply the gift of life, of your senses to a thought or action with your vision as the focus in your mind’s eye. Balance your energies by taking the time to be still. Zero in on your dream. Play it out in technicolour, switch it around, amplify the sounds and sights. Step into your vision. Feel the feelings of living it! Allow your imagination to bring insights for its fulfilment. An immediate, crucial action to drive you forward, is to book a session with a Life Coach. A Life Coach acts as your trusted supporter who will help you formulate the components that connects the big picture.
4. Have Elements of Focus: Have sub goals and actions that keep you signposted and on track. Practically every day and every evening for over a year, I have repeated key affirmations as one technique. Another is creating my Vision Board and watching it come to life as if by magic. Performing these actions contributes to my vision remaining close at all times.

  “I function at a higher vibration and frequency to
expand my success every 21 days.”
Rebecca Gordon
5. Get Coached: A recipient of coaching myself, I was reminded of the benefits of this powerful process in a recent session. I look back at my notes regularly and am in awe of the amazing insights that were generated in one hour. My experience of being a coachee is that it makes it so much easier and quicker for me to achieve - and to do so with greater confidence. One of my own coaching clients affirmed the impact of coaching in an article she forwarded to me. She wrote: “I just happened to be sent this article and it instantly reminded me of you”.

What I know for sure is that if I had downscaled my vision, abandoned it or been dissuaded by the beliefs of others, I would not now be stepping into this amazing opportunity that is in line with the fulfilment of the grander 'way way out there vision' that comes closer with every determined action that is done today.
“Everything you can imagine is real.”
Pablo Picasso

Your imagination is only limited by the limits you place on it. Envision your reality by investing in life changing Personal Performance Coaching. Book a complimentary session today. What do you have to lose?

Universal blessings



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