A Practical Tool for Inspired Action

If you haven't had a session with your coach lately (you do have a coach – right?) the chances are, you may be 'slacking off' from essential things that really need to happen to stride out of a comfort zone into a superbly crafted, desired life.

You will have left your last session highly motivated, fired up and raring to go! You may have ticked off one or two actions relating to your goal. That’s great and well done! Yet 'other stuff' might be getting in the way that makes your life-changing intentions seem like long forgotten dreams. 

And if you haven’t got a coach, you may be slogging away with the best will in the world, yet struggling to make headway due to a lack of clarity, certainty or directed focus.

Your mental filing tray may be stacked pile high with pressing things to do that makes your own personal actions towards your goal the last thing on your mind. Those detailed notes you so passionately wrote down in your session may now be meaningless redundant scrap paper that is the only evidence of well-spent time with your coach.

You know I love you dearly... but it's time for a wake up call! When someone does not keep to the life-affirming actions that they know will make the difference between success and failure, this suggests a need to dig deep to find out what exactly is going on. Reflect on this question then get yourself booked in with a coach – a coach that you research and feel that you resonate with - who can support you to work through the ‘stuff’ that is holding you back.

“How are you subconsciously avoiding success?”

A client this week was bold and honest enough to express his thoughts that there was indeed a feeling of the ‘fear of success’. This transpired in him being highly productive on projects relating to everything else - except that one thing that is aligned with his own vision. As a result of deep clearing work on non-supportive beliefs, there was a brilliant breakthrough that led to profound ideas on the 'exact how and what' of working on his dream. I would love for you to experience this too. I would love to know that you are happily, flowingly engaged in actions that move you to No.1 in your life once more.
With the best coach in the world, an hour of one-to-one professional coaching support is just not enough. There is more work to be done and YOU are the one to do it.

If you recognise that procrastination, a focus on other people's agenda, or the 'I'll do it tomorrow' syndrome is hindering your progress, today is the day to start breaking free from those disempowering habits.

Each passing day, currency of energy is being frittered away from your life account. As Steve Jobs wisely put it:

Your time is limited. Don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

One day, all your currency will be spent. What do you want to know you can look back on as evidence of your brilliance? By creating and working on inspired actions you are investing time to build a truly satisfying and successful life – the life that you deserve. It's a no brainer really.

“If my mind accepts whatever I believe as absolute truth, what uplifting, kind, encouraging thoughts will I choose?

The reality for some is that energy is being redirected from their focus by the squillion and one other time grabbers. There will always be other things to do. You have the power to decide your personal priority and start working on Inspired Actions.

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© Written by Rebecca Gordon. 

About Rebecca Gordon 

Rebecca is an ESOL/IELTS/Functional Skills Tutor, Coach, Mentor, Mother to Four and first time Grandmother. The founder of Satellite Life Coaching & Training, Rebecca is qualified with a distinction in Personal Performance Coaching and has carried out training and coaching in the UK, Ghana, Tanzania, Romania and Jamaica to individuals and groups. Contact Rebecca for one-to-one or group sessions. Contact Rebecca to book a free 30 minute Discovery Coaching Session.


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