THE MAGIC OF SELF TALK is the term I’ve given to the particular words or phrases that a client uses which either raises or lowers their energy levels. 

As the Coach, I can really feel this in sessions as there’s a distinct shift in the client's state.  As if by magic, a word or statement that’s expressed has a profound effect on a client during a session. This isn’t always positive or empowering, so as your coach who is here to support you to be and do your very best, I will gently challenge you by saying something along the lines of: “Stop for a moment!” Then I prompt the client to reflect on the word or statement used that expresses a particular dis-empowering belief. By being conscious of the language that trigger’s a disempowering belief, the client is then able to work through some stuff and get on track. There’s a better chance of the staying on track with understanding of the language patterns that trigger a particular state of being. 

So let’s no address the 3 points in the Magic of Self Talk. Have a pen and paper to hand to note down crucial information that will be helpful for you between now and the next session. And for going forward beyond that for that matter.  

Point No 1 - Say what!??! 

As you go about your daily life how much notice do you take of the words that you speak?  Be conscious of doing this between now and your next session. 

More often than not, we carefully measure our responses to others and talk to people in a positive and supportive way so that we don’t hurt their feelings.  We are very mindful of being kind to others, but how much attention do we pay to being kind to ourselves?  Think about this: How do you monitor what you say to yourself?  Are you totally aware of the magic of your own self talk? 

Consider how many times you’ve made statements such as: 

 I can’t do this...!”     “I’m stupid...!”   “Life is a struggle...!”   “I’m not good at this....”   “I’m broke.”   “This is too hard...”, “It’s not possible.” 

Say these words aloud to yourself now.  Reflect on the feelings, on the emotions or energy in motion that arises as you say each phrase.  How do you feel? Do you feel low, or somewhat deflated?  Monitor your body language.  Are the corners of your mouth drooping? Have your shoulders dropped? Do you have a sense of feeling down, jaded and have an air of dejection about you?

The point is that what you say, is as a result of what you believe, that is demonstrated in what you do and ultimately impacts upon your actions. How will you use this information as you work towards your action steps throughout the next two weeks?

Point 2 - Decide your Verbal Vibrations!
Motivation and language are closely interconnected. As already discussed, It is that the energy of words is extremely powerful and can influence our lives in the instant that they are uttered!  Each expression, whether in a word, sentence or phrase, can do much to positively or negatively impress upon your day to day living and influence your outcomes.  

It is that the vibrations you utter, resonate far and wide into the universe.  The energy of the word sound ripples out and returns back to you, just like a boomerang, shaping your reality. We’ll explore this a bit later on, but for now, I’d like to encourage you – as you go through your actions for the next two weeks – I’d like to encourage you to decide on the verbal vibrations that you use. It is your choice and responsibility to decide whether your language is positive or negative.  You can do this by paying close attention to what you say, check and correct yourself whenever you make a statement of expression that doesn’t serve or honour a positive state. 

Decide your Verbal Vibrations can be summarised in the poignant observation by Bruce Lipton in his book, The Biology of Belief. Lipton asserts that: ‘atoms absorb the thoughts that we have, which when reflected in sound waves through the words that we utter, resonate within our bodies and are immersed within the chemical structure. This eventually leads to a manifestation of your reality, through the signals that your cells transmit.’

Point 3 - Word Up!

We’ve been reminded that we cannot see the unwritten form, yet words carry a vibration that transcends into the cells, deep the essence of your being.  Words are energy.  When absorbed within our cells, the energy of a word works through the system to eventually become a REALITY. 

As a result of the magic of self-talk, a series of occurrences is reinforced from habits of language patterns that are either constructive or destructive. As your Life Coach I can help you to develop further techniques that reinforces your personal power and ability to express yourself confidently and positively. 

Here is one technique that will motivate and encourage you to carry out the fantastic actions that you created in your coaching session.  Say these statements out aloud and just as you did with the earlier exercise notice the change in your physical and emotional energy state.  Write these affirmation statements down and say them regularly throughout the day.   

“I am eager and enthusiastic about everything that I do”.
“I learn something each day that develops my awareness of... ”.
“With practice, I improve my skills”
“I always have enough”.
“I am abundant and wealthy in joy, love and happiness”.

How does saying these affirmations make you feel? What difference has this made to your physiology? 

Think about what has just happened in terms of your thoughts, your verbalisation of thought and the results in your overall well-being.  

To conclude: 

The ripple effect of this is that your perception of yourself, the situation and what you desire has altered.  By being conscious and aware of the energy of your self-talk your actions can be radically changed. 

For the next fourteen days, monitor the conversations that you have with yourself and others.  Make a conscious effort to use words, phrases and statements that are energising, constructive, optimistic and supportive. Amplify this action by getting the support of your personal Life Coach through the electronic or telephone support that is available to you in between sessions. This will help you to maintain the confidence and momentum to stay focussed on your goal. Be kind to yourself with the words that you speak, just as you would make an effort to be kind to others.  

Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.

Have fun with your positive self talk!

That’s it for this session of the Coaching Corner. Remember, if you haven’t already done so, email Rebecca at to book your complimentary coaching session.

I look forward to connecting with you in next week’s edition of the Coaching Corner. 

Lipton, B, H (2008) Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. Hay House: California.


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