What is the Conscious Equation?

Everything in life is a formula. For a plant to grow healthily it must have light and water; for a car to run smoothly, it must contain petrol and be maintained; in order to pass exams, one must work hard and turn up to take them!

For your life to be the best that it can be, living with purpose and intent is crucial. This develops the raising of consciousness that when supported positively, attracts particular conditions that can beautifully chart the pattern of life.

Performance impacts upon outcome. Therefore, performance is crucial to the end result. Where our lives are concerned, acting from a quality mindset makes the difference to the actions that we carry out and consequently impacts upon the outcomes that we have.

And so, the Conscious Equation - “Gain Life Skills to Empower, for the Power to Advance” – encourages us to process our thoughts and to work with our intuition to manage our lives cleverly and skilfully. In this way, we can develop and grow to become our highest selves and live life for the highest good.

There is no rule book of life. Yet, if life were a book, as we go along, we may come across unfinished stories, repeated chapters, or find that that we have missed out a chapter or two and have to go back to a particular place to fill in the gaps. We may even find that all along, we were reading someone else’s book - perhaps the book that belonged to our parents, our partners or our friends. As a result of not taking time to study ‘the book’ we may have made mistakes and missed out on wonderful opportunities. Amidst our triumphs and tears, successes and sorrows we have meandered along the way, taking (wild) shots at where to go and what to do next. More often than not, we have never seriously applied a formula for determining a path to take.

There is no rule book of life that can help us – or is there? I put to you that a rule book of life does in fact exist, but it has been cunningly hidden from us. I put to you, that the rule book of life lies within YOU. It is waiting and yearning to be unleashed from its inner core. At times, it comes to the fore, yet our beliefs, fears and doubts cause it to shrink back, or be unnoticed.

The untapping of your inner-gy is the crucial aspect of the Conscious Equation. You have all of the answers inside of you. Your inner-gy when transformed to energy results in purposeful and intentional action that can be revealed and embraced when you work with a Life Coach.

The Conscious Equation recognises the process of natural alchemy that can transform your life from base metal to gold. As everything arises from thought and thought is energy, through working with a Life Coach, the uprising of the ‘inner you’ can take place. Like a butterfly, you can experience the unfolding of your wings as you fly off to experience the beautiful life that is waiting for you to explore it.

To truly live, is to experience life in the present with optimism for what will be once you open the rule book of life and command your inner-gy. Let Conscious Equation help you along the way. ‘Gain Life Skills to Empower, for the Power to Advance’ by working with our Life Coach who can help you to find the rule book in order to apply the formula of life.

Rebecca Gordon


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