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More often than not we talk to others in a loving and kind way because we are mindful not to hurt their feelings. Yet how much care do we take to monitor our own self-talk that comes in the form of thoughts?

Some time ago I attended a conference where John Kehoe explained this using the concept of Mind Power. Amongst the statements he made that day are: ‘thoughts are things’ and ‘your thoughts know you, oh so well’. John raised awareness of how the mind can hold onto thoughts as absolute truths, even though they may be unhelpful or unconstructive.

There are times when I have caught myself entertaining non-supportive mind chatter. Disempowering thoughts that start as a whisper, gradually turn into nagging, disapproving judgements such as: “I’m so stupid...!” “I can’t do this...!” “Life is hard...!” “I’ll never be any good at this....” “I’m an idiot...” Without disassociation that comes by consciously being an observer of the mind such conclusions remain unchallenged. Thoughts are allowed to weave their way deep into the psyche as their validity and accuracy is unquestioned.

Thoughts that are repeated enough become beliefs that quickly translate into reality. Beliefs can then be likened to magnets that attract conditions and situations into your life as the energy of the belief becomes an entity in the guise of a thought form. ‘Thoughts are things.

Being an observer of your thoughts is to take responsibility for filtering unhelpful self-generated opinions that do not contribute to creating the vision of a satisfying life. The author of The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton expresses this poignant observation superbly: ‘atoms absorb the thoughts that we have, which when reflected in sound waves through the words that we utter, resonate within our bodies and are immersed within the chemical structure. This eventually leads to a manifestation of your reality, through the signals that your cells transmit.’

‘I believe that 99.999 percent of the cells in my brain and body want me to be happy, healthy and successful.”

The focus then is on cultivating the 99.999 percent instead of feeding the 0.1 percent. Here are three tools that can help you shift the focus from the 0.1 percent onto the thoughts that matter the most.

Tool #1
Sit upright or lay down on your back and place your palms up in the ‘open to receive’ position. Breathe in and out deeply several times. Raise this thought:

“I AM open to receive all that serves my highest good that is coming my way. And it is so.”

Repeat this aloud several times. Each time, feel the vibration resonate through your physical structure, your cells, your energy field. In your mind’s eye, imagine this vibration rippling out into the atmosphere and into the energy field of the Universe. Spend as much time that you need in this moment.

Allow the Universe to send the assistance you need. Be open to what is presented, whether this be flashes of insights or synchronicities. The ripple effect of your positive thought will shift your perception and allow a new way to open up. By taking conscious steps to re-direct thinking life outcomes can radically shift.

Tool #2

Make it your business to check in on your thoughts and challenge any beliefs that do not serve your highest good. Whenever you find your thought pattern getting comfortable in a negative feedback loop, be reminded that ‘your thoughts know you so well’. Your role is to present the challenge to interrupt the pattern. Ask yourself:

  • What am I thinking about this?
  • Is this thought helping me right now?
  • What’s an alternative thought that I can choose?
  • What are all the reasons that make this new thought absolutely true?

Through this process of metacognition, in which you objectively think about your thinking, you become the observer. In this position you are better able to positively influence your reaction and actions that again will shift the energy and make a difference to the outcome.

Tool #3

Thinking about something in an abstract way encourages creative ideas to spring forward. This is because the mind is stretched to discover new meaning beyond the obvious. In this way, new perspectives are uncovered with inspirational thoughts on how to resolve a problem or surpass a challenge. Use this Abstract Thinking Tool to stimulate your thinking when you are not sure what to do and need fresh ideas. Get your FREE Abstract Thinking Self-Coaching Tool here:

How powerful it is to take a moment to challenge and change the internal script! I discussed this very thought with Emotional Re-set Coach and CBT Therapist, Joy Langley, founder of Catch A Thought who joined me in The Coaching Lounge. Joy provides practical strategies that help her clients feel more confident about relationships, inspires them to make dreams a reality and gives them a longer lasting sense of peace.

Tune in to hear our thoughts on conscious mind management and how this can help you reach your full potential. Listen HERE.

About Rebecca Gordon 

Rebecca is an ESOL/IELTS/Functional Skills Tutor, Coach, Mentor, Mother to Four and first time Grandmother. The founder of Satellite Life Coaching & Training, Rebecca is qualified with a distinction in Personal Performance Coaching and has carried out training and coaching in the UK, Ghana, Tanzania, Romania and Jamaica to individuals and groups. Contact Rebecca for one-to-one or group sessions. Book a free 30 minute coaching session, then book either four or six sessions of coaching.


  1. Hi Rebecca, really enjoyed our interview. You are the real deal ..exactly what a client needs from a coach - great listener, knowledgeable and gently challenging!


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