How to Move to Your Desired State

An undisputable fact about your life is that it will change - whether you wish it to or not. Just as night follows day and the seasons come and go, change is a natural law of life.

Sudden, tumultuous life events can catapult us into the depths of the unknown, giving rise to emotions such as fear, anxiety and stress. This can be due to redundancy, a relationship break up, children leaving home or an illness, for example. We can be left wondering why and how the firm foothold on solid ground so suddenly crumbled underneath us, when we were getting along just fine in the cosy normality that once upon a time enduringly existed. For many, this unwanted life revolution is fiercely resisted and despised.

Yet, changing times calls for a change in attitude. It’s time to perceive and experience life transitions differently. Be curious about the magic in change that is an opportune occasion to shift yourself onto a new, intriguing dimension. Getting to a destination doesn’t have to involve sticking to one uninspiring mode of travel. Indeed, exploring and experiencing new terrain on the scenic route can be fun and exciting through varying the transport. Why not treat your life in the same way and shake it up a little by being the Initiator of Change. You can do this when you take control and happen to life, instead of being the back seat driver in a life that happens to you.

Deliberately and consciously charting the path into an unknown territory can be uncomplicated and worry free when you know just how to make that start. This Instant Transformation Tool is the perfect place to get inspiration to effect those long needed changes that are ready and waiting for you to embrace them.

Complete this tool and get a free 30 minute coaching session, then sign up to a programme of either four or six coaching sessions.  

Written by Rebecca Gordon, Lead Coach -


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