The Art of Loving With Confidence

The word relationship is defined as: “the state of being connected, or the mutual dealings or connections that exist between two things...”.  This gives clues to the type of interactions that foster positive, meaningful CONNECTION. The types of relationships we encounter consist of those with people, money or health, for example, yet one type of relationship that can often create turmoil is the romantic connection with a love interest.

Building romantic love at any time of life can fill someone with trepidation. However, experiencing this process after 40 can bring a test of confidence that is emotionally and mentally challenging.

For the middle-aged woman who enters a new relationship, ‘baggage’ doesn’t just mean the items you check in with at the airport, but includes the entourage of ‘stuff’ that surreptitiously tags along for the ride – and without invitation!

This suggests that the art of loving with confidence after 40 requires conscious awareness of a whole new repertoire of skills. The objective being to remain consistently confident in one’s ability to cultivate a relationship and remain rooted to your values, no matter what.

We don’t always know the right thing to do or the best approaches to take to ensure that our loved up connections remain reciprocally satisfying. In the attempt to develop and maintain a romantic companionship, we might abandon some of the important principles that matter to us. Eventually disharmony kicks in that leads to a lack of trust, imbalance and sour grapes in the relationship exchange.

On the other hand, without maintaining strong self-awareness, we may end up seeking validation from the person we desperately want to have a romantic involvement with. We might compromise our values in a desperate attempt to fit into the ideal that we assume the other person is seeking. We may present thinking and behaviour that is far removed from who we truly are due to a fear of being alone.

So, where is a good place to learn the art of how to love with confidence? Ivona Gordon, Relationship Expert for Women over 40, shares her mesmerizing insights to this very question. Listen to this podcast to find out how to love with confidence and the tools and strategies that can make this process easier than you think!

Written by Rebecca Gordon.

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