Why Your Health is Sabotaging Your Success

We live in a 24/7 world where the constant barrage of social, work or business activities greatly reduces quality time that could be better spent on rest and recuperation.

It is not uncommon for someone to feel guilty for taking time out from the rat-race. ‘Doing nothing’ can seem like an awful waste of time, especially if you are used to leading a busy and active lifestyle.

A common challenge that coaching clients bring to sessions they have booked with me, is being able to create a clear boundary between work and their personal life. What this means is that they lack the motivation to pursue their important life goals with enthusiasm or energy.

A consequence of being ‘busy’ is that your best resource - which is ‘you’ - is not fully utilised in an effective or efficient way. Burnout can quickly ensue and lead to a physical and mental shutdown if time and effort is not given to put yourself first.


If you are a business owner or solo-preneur, reclaiming ‘me time’ is essential for increased productivity and quality output. It’s a no brainer really. Yet we do ourselves no favours by burning the midnight oil in an effort to ‘get stuff done’ or hit unrealistic deadlines that we ambitiously set for ourselves; or that others dictate.

Research has shown that stress and sleep deprivation leads to:

  • Reduced response and reaction time
  • Vague thinking and poor decision making
  • Irritability and moodiness
  • Depression, weight gain, diabetes
  • Impaired memory and decreased task performance

Dr Carri Dryzyga, a chiropractor and naturopathic, shares fascinating insights and information that will help you reduce your chances of suffering from stress, burnout and fatigue.

In this interview with me in The Coaching Lounge, Dr Carri speaks about (amongst many interesting topics) Entrepreneurial Fatigue, common causes of low energy and how to get quality rest. Listen HERE.

There are 265 weekdays and 105 weekend days in 2016. Being privy to the information that Dr Carri shares means that there is no excuse to find time for meaningful activities that bring more joy to your life.

Grab your Free 2016 Life Balance Self Coaching Tool that will help you stay on the path of conscious self-care this year.

Rebecca Gordon is an Advanced Life Coach at www.satellitelifecoaching.com, IELTS Tutor and Trainer. Get a free 30 minute coaching session with Rebecca and sign up four or six sessions of Self-Actualization Coaching.


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