Re-invent Your Personal and Professional Brand

Why you should re-invent your personal and professional brand


I believe in re-invention. In doing so over the years I have re-hauled my business persona by keeping the best, discarding the rest and adding innovative concepts that reflect changing times.

At the root of my business re-invention is the assessment of the ‘current position’  mapped against the ‘ideal projection’.

Re-invention is a fundamental business principle that not only triggers originality, but revives energy and leads to renewed motivation. I value this principle as a highly important strategy of being a solo-preneur. It provides time to step back, tune up and step forward confidently with improved self-projection.

For the past few years, around the start of the New Year, I have booked sessions with my own coach specifically to evaluate the health of my personal brand.

I do this because I recognise business branding as being very much about the strong, healthy self-perception of the person at the helm of the business, with this projected into the professional entity.

Working with a branding expert is the icing on the cake to make your business inviting. I discussed this very topic with Andrew Akinyede who explains how he helps solo-preneurs and small business owners identify how to make the right impression in a competitive marketplace.

If your personal and professional presentation is important to you, tuning into this podcast is a good starting point to discover some great insights into perfecting your brand.

In this podcast with Rebecca Gordon, Andrew discusses:

· Mistakes that people make when choosing a brand for their business.
· Making yourself inviting to your target audience.
· The personality behind the brand.
· Where to start creating your brand relationship building.

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 Written by Rebecca Gordon


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