Are you listening to yourself?

The  MAGIC of Self-talk

Say what!??! 
As you go about your daily life how much notice do you take of the words that you speak?  More often than not, we carefully measure our responses to others and talk to people in a positive and supportive way so that we don’t hurt their feelings.  We are very mindful of being kind to others, but how much attention do we pay to being kind to ourselves?  Think about this: How do you monitor what you say to yourself?  Are you totally aware of the magic of your own self talk? 

Consider how many times you’ve made statements such as:  I can’t do this...!”     “I’m stupid...!”   “Life is a struggle...!”   “I’m not good at this....”   “I’m broke.”   “This is too hard...”, “It’s not possible.”
Say these words aloud to yourself now.  Reflect on the feelings, on the e-motion or, more aptly, the energy-in-motion that arises as you say each phrase.  How do you feel? Do you feel low, or somewhat deflated?  Is there a sense of sadness? Monitor your physiology. Are your shoulders drooping? Do you have a sense of feeling down, jaded or have an air of dejection about you?

The point is that, what you do is as a result of what you say, that reflects what you believe. Ultimately your actions are impacted upon by your language and thoughts. How will you use this information going forward?

Decide your Verbal Vibrations!
Motivation and language are closely interconnected. As already discussed, the energy of words is extremely powerful and can influence our lives in the instant that they are uttered!  Each expression, whether a single word, sentence or phrase, can do much to positively or negatively impress upon your day to day living and influence your outcomes.  

Crucially, the vibrations you utter, resonate far and wide into the universe. The energy of the word sound ripples out and returns back to you, shaping your reality. We’ll explore this a bit later on in this article. For now, I’d like to encourage you to decide on the verbal vibrations that you use by consciously monitoring the words you use. There are two things that can help you to do this. They are choice and responsibility. Just as you would not dare to speak negatively to people you respect – your parents or close friends for example, you can choose and take responsibility for the language that you use about and to yourself, as well as to others. You will immediately know what does not feel right to you by checking your physiology and monitoring your feelings. You can do this by paying close attention to your language, checking and correcting yourself whenever you realise that something you say is not supportive of a positive and motivating feelings.  

Deciding your Verbal Vibrations can be summarised in the poignant observation by Bruce Lipton in his book, The Biology of Belief. Lipton asserts that: ‘atoms absorb the thoughts that we have, which when reflected in sound waves through the words that we utter, resonate within our bodies and are immersed within the chemical structure. This eventually leads to a manifestation of your reality, through the signals that your cells transmit.’

Word Up!
Words are energy.  We cannot see the unwritten form, yet words carry a vibration that transcends deep into the psyche.  When absorbed within our cells, the energy of a word works through the system to eventually become a REALITY. 

As a result of self-talk, statements and remarks, we are left with particular perceptions that become beliefs and are manifested into actions.  This sequence of occurrences is reinforced directly due to what we say. A Life Coach can support you to change any habitual language that is negative and self-destructive. You will be supported to raise your self-confidence and self-esteem with techniques that reveal and reinforce your personal power

Carry out the following exercise. Take a deep breath, sit up straight and bring a happy memory to mind. Now say the following affirmations out loud: 

“I am eager and enthusiastic about everything I do.”
“I am big, bold and function at a higher vibration to expand my success every 21 days!”
“I am at my ideal weight and shape.”
“I manage my money with care and always have enough.”
“I have abundance of joy, love and happiness”.

Now write your responses to the following question:

How do you feel right now? 

Choose one of the affirmations. Say it loud and with feeling once more. Write down everything that comes to mind about how you can make this happen.  

Think about what has just happened in terms of your thoughts, your verbalisation and the overall results in your physical being.  More importantly, read the actions you have raised. The ripple effect of your positive self-talk is that your perception of self has altered, that has resulted in the raising of journey steps to help you live the verbal vibration. Isn’t that wonderful?  By being conscious and aware of the energy of your self-talk your actions can be radically changed. Perhaps the challenge now is to carry out the journey steps. When you work with a Life Coach, you will be supported to achieve these every step of the way. 

For the next month, monitor the conversations that you have with yourself and others.  Make a conscious effort to use words, phrases and statements that are energising, constructive, optimistic and supportive. Amplify this action by getting the support of your personal Life Coach who will work with you to maintain the confidence and momentum to stay on track. Be kind to yourself with the words that you speak, just as you would make an effort to be kind to others.  

Your beliefs become your thoughts.
Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become your values.
Your values become your destiny.

Lipton, B, H (2008) Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. Hay House: California.

Rebecca Gordon

(c) Copyright Rebecca Gordon


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